Amy, Candidate

With my dad

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Hello, my name is Amy

Growing up in a military family, I’ve had many unique opportunities; one was to live in a third world country. In the course of one afternoon I could see the glaring difference between another nation’s struggles and American exceptionalism. It was through this experience that I developed a deep sense of patriotism. As long as I can remember, I have been so grateful for all the opportunities we have as Americans. This sense of opportunity has driven me to get involved in community service wherever I can, and share some of the many blessings I have been given. I moved to Eagle River when I was 12; I started volunteering in our community at 15, and I have been lucky enough to continue doing so ever since.

I look forward to talking with my neighbors in Eagle River, Chugiak, Eklutna, Muldoon, and JBER and listening to what is important to them. I am grateful for the outpouring of encouragement and support I have received, and I would be honored if you would consider supporting me in my bid for the Anchorage Assembly.


  • The Municipal Taxpayer's League
  • Bob Griffin
  • Steve Grohol
  • Bill McClain
  • Mike Hyatt
  • Mike & Tracey Hupe
  • Shirley Littleton
  • Jim & Theresa Brooks
  • Steve & Kim Skipper
  • Ben Sherburne
  • Steve & Marnie Schwartz
  • Yvette Wilkins
  • Ed & Tanya White
  • Mike & Tracey Hupe
  • Tim Blessie
  • Jim Portch & Sharon Jackson-Portch
  • Dan Sullivan
  • Chris Birch
  • Bill Starr
  • Adam Trombley
  • Larry Baker
  • Susan Fischetti
  • Cheryl Frasca
  • Adam Galindo
  • Tony Unsderfer
  • Dave Baldwin
  • Kevin Greenfield
  • Chuck Spinelli
  • Carl Propes, Jr.
  • Ben Mohr
  • Rob Timmins